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The professional past of FEVITA HUNGARY PLC is linked to the history of domestic cold-storage industry. In nearly five decades of operation our company has always been able to ensure a high level of professional background, which allows the development of food hygiene, safety and quality processes in line with the constantly changing requirements.

Our company determines its internal hygiene requirements within the framework of the HACCP system in accordance with national law and international requirements, the realization of which we verify via analyses performed by our internal laboratory daily.

The conformity of product quality has been always ensured by the inspection body set up at the start, however, following the modernization of quality management, in the recent decades we created a quality management system that enhances the quality-centric approach in all sections of the company.

The conformity of our company to the ISO 9001 standard was certified for the first time by Lloyd’s Register in 1995. Having regard to the historical roots of our company, we decided to choose an internationally well-known, also renowned certification body as our partner. Our relationship with the certification company has been continuous from the beginning and our certification has been constantly maintained in accordance with the respective versions of the certification standards as well.

In response to the specific commercial challenges of the industry, we integrated the requirements of the global and international food safety standards of IFS since 2006 as well as of BRC since 2007 in our quality management system. The effectiveness of our work is recognized by continuous, “higher level” certificates issued by the certification body.

The broad-mindedness of our managers is confirmed by the fact that beside the quality-oriented conception, environmental protection has also been integrated into our management system. In 2007 we have been certified to the ISO 14001 standard of environmental operation control as well. The issue of environmental protection is not only important in the shaping of the operational rules, but also in the planning of technical investments practically on an annual basis in the life of our company. We believe that by high-quality maintenance of old equipment and the purchase of modern equipment to increase production capacities, we can be responsible users of the environment.

For our customers with special needs we also process raw materials from organic farming in accordance with relevant international standards.

The production results and product quality of FEVITA HUNGARY cPLC could be achieved by continuous innovation and the committed work performance of our managers and staff.

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Certificates available for download

GMO policy


ISO 22000:2005 certificate


IFS certificate


BRC certificate


Biokontroll certificate


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